Sales and Rental

We implement a project analysis determining what machines are required with a series of strength calculations as well as calculations for ground load and anchor forces, plus a logistics plan and time plan. We take full responsibility for the transport, erection and dismantling of rental machines as well as take care of further height increases, relocation and removal during construction work as well as the installations of anchors.

For long-term use or multiple projects, equipment purchase may offer you the best advantages. Purchase can be outright with on-going maintenance on a contract basis.

Our products are used to transport personnel and materials to great heights, often in extremely hazardous environments. All products are designed and tested to increase reliability and reduce maintenance, avoiding unscheduled downtime. Safety and reliability are of paramount importance so we provide a full after-sales support service including:


Scotia Access System can supply all the technicians for installation and even day to day operation of your access system.

Our installers are trained to safely and efficiently operate all our equipment in any kind of situation. Installation and dismantling by us can also be the most cost-effective way to create the best work profile in terms of layout, functionality and work progression. It is also a cost-effective way to insure that all rented material will be returned.

We can also arrange all transportation as part of a complete access systems package.

Custom-Built Solutions

Modern architecture facades come in all shapes and sizes and may also involve unusual operating conditions. Scotia Access Systems Australia can provide custom designs and fabrication solutions for just about any need.

We will analyse the problem and provide the most cost-efficient and tailored access system to the project.


If you work at heights for any reason, we can plan and supply the most efficient products and services for any application:



Window Replacement


Industrial Cladding

Masonry and Block-laying


Curtain Walling

Cleaning and Painting

Roof Edge Protection




Aircraft Maintenance






We used their mast climbers for cladding, patching, painting, caulking and cleaning of all the facade works at the new 10 storey South Australia Police headquarters. There were initially 2 X 20 metre twin mast platforms which were dismantled and re-located several times during the project at various stages and in different locations. Scotia was extremely helpful in all aspects from design and engineering of the machines to relocating and punctual removal of materials from site.

Their machines were very safe, efficient and effective in getting the works done in a comparatively short period of time. George Barbour and Chris Smith were a very professional and experienced team. They were always punctual and worked well within time frames given the restraints of working on an interstate project.
~ Ryan Somerville, Site Manager


We used Scotia to complete the first major high rise renovation on the Gold Coast. The renovation work to the Allawah apartments in Surfers Paradise was carried out by the use of 1/23m and 2/16m twin Mast Climbers. Works included the repair of concrete spoil, removal and replacement of all windows, render and painting of the building facade.

The use of these machines made working on the outside of the building safe and minimized downtime due to the weather. To save on the cost of cranes the Mast Climbers were also used in the erection and dismantle of 17 stories of scaffold that was erected on the north face of the building. Steve and all his employees made the installation, maintenance and dismantle of the machines exceptionally safe and easy. I highly recommend the use of Scotia Access Systems.
~ Tony Martin, Foreman


We engaged Scotia to supply an access solution for an 8 storey building at 55 Young Street Redfern. We look forward to working together again in the future.
~ Nigel Robilliard, Project Manager


Scotia Access Systems machines enabled safe access to the work front. The feed back I have received from our sub-contractors suggests they prefer the climbers over conventional access systems. Factors such as stability, safety, smoothness of movement, the ability to adjust the platform to any required hight and the fact the platform have GPO points all make for an excellent access system.
~ Noel Bowden, Project Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the principal cost advantage of mast climbing systems?

Mast climbing systems can increase productivity by 30% or more. They are more ergonomic, safer and reduce the amount of equipment needed. Materials and tools are always within easy reach. The long platforms available speed up work on wide facades. Mast climbers have low maintenance costs, are easy to service and built for quick and easy erection and dismantling.

When are mast climbing systems at their most efficient?

Mast climbing work platforms are ideal for a variety of projects including construction, renovation, or demolition where schedules are tight, where there are heavy loads or construction materials and the workplace is above 4.8m.

How high can mast climbing systems be used?

Our HEK MSM Super Mast Climbing system can be operated up to a height of 250m as it was on the Q1 project on the Gold Coast – the world’s tallest residential building.

Are mast climbing systems efficient at lower heights?

Mast climbing systems are useful for all types of projects, including low-rise. For example, they can be used for glazing, painting or masonry works even at a height of 6m.

Are mast climbing systems only available in standard models?

Most applications use standard models but Scotia Access Systems Australia can just as easily design a mast climbing system to meet almost any need.

Are mast climbing systems high or low maintenance?

Mast climbers require little maintenance compared to other powered access equipment.

When do mast climbing systems need anchoring?

Some systems can free-stand up to 20m. Others are anchored from between 6m to 8m.

What happens in the event of a power failure?

Mast climbing systems are equipped with a centrifugal brake to provide for controlled descent in the event of a power failure and can be lowered by hand under fully automatic speed regulation from the platform.

Are mast climbing systems mobile?

Mobile, truck mounted models are available and all mast climbing systems can be transported on any normal truck.