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Sales and Rental

Scotia Access Systems Australia rental, whether for 24 hours or for several months, offers you distinct advantages for occasional or temporary use.  There are no capital costs and no maintenance or management issues.

Beyond the actual rental transaction, we can also help ensure the success of the project with our full service support in supervising a project from conception to finish.

We will implement a project analysis determining what machines are required with a series of strength calculations as well as calculations for ground load and anchor forces, plus a logistics plan and time plan.  

We will take full responsibility for the transport, erection and dismantling of rental machines as well as take care of further height increases, relocation and removal during construction work as well as the installations of anchors.

Alternatively, for long-term use or multiple concurrent projects, equipment purchase may offer you the best advantages.  Purchase can be outright or ‘equipment-only’ where we supply erection/dismantling services and on-going maintenance on a contract basis.

Our products are used to transport personnel and materials to great heights, often in extremely hazardous environments. All products are designed and tested to increase reliability and reduce maintenance, avoiding unscheduled downtime. Safety and reliability are of paramount importance so we provide a full after-sales support service including:

  • Genuine replacement parts
  • Exchange components
  • Upgrade packages
  • Service maintenance programmes
  • Major/Minor refurbishment services
  • Installations

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