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Swing Stages and Scaffolding

Swing stages are installed from the roof and designed for temporary access to certain stages of a building.  They are ideal for maintenance, painting, carpentry, E.I.F.S. and minor repairs.

The equipment consists of

  • Suspension systems, including beams, counterweights, wheels, chariot, etc. Anchors can be fixed or installed on wheels in order to move the set-up around the building.
  • Platforms in varying lengths with plywood or aluminium floor, guardrails, stirrups, etc. Lengths vary from 1,2m to 9,7m. The equipment is modular and allows for set-ups tailored to the job.
  • Hoists for raising and lowering swing stages can be electrical, air adapted or manual according to the project. Our equipment includes motors from leading manufacturers as POWER CLIMBER. 

Cables are 8mm and 9mm high strength steel cable in lengths from 15m to 122m.  All cables are subject to rigorous, regular inspection. Personal safety equipment such as harnesses, nylon cables, rope grabs etc are also available.

If you require conventional scaffolding Scotia Access Systems Australia can assist with top quality products which are made of the highest quality materials, combined with the perfect quality control program.

Scotia Access Systems Australia will provide you with the best, most efficient and cost effective equipment for all your suspended access and scaffolding  requirements.

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