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Scotia Access Systems Australia introduce a NEW RANGE of building maintenance units!


Scotia Access Systems has recently become the preferred supplier in Australia and New Zealand for XSPlatforms (

XSPlatforms is a Netherlands-based building maintenance products manufacturer with customers and projects all over the world. It is a company with over 15 year’s experience and innovation in access equipment. Its products are now used in the most complex structures all over the world and have facilitated work on more than 2000 facades, atriums and roofs. Their products simplify working at height and lead the way in user friendliness and safety.

All critical components are independently tested by a third party and meet the industrial NEN 1808:1999 standard. They are also ISO 9001 and VCA certified.

Scotia Access has been involved in temporary access to high rise construction and refurbishment in Australia for the past 6 years. We are primarily a Mast Climbing rental company with over 20 years of experience in the field.

We provide the solutions to the problems of complex, harder-to-reach façade structures which need to be cleaned and maintained. Our customers are generally property developers, architects, contractors and consultants.

High-rise buildings play an important role in modern cities and a modern building with a high-tech design is an important visual statement for any company.

With our equipment and experience, our customers are able to maintain their buildings on the facade and, often, within the atrium too. The high-quality, building maintenance units from XSPlatforms provide safe, fast access to the most complex facades and interiors.

Our decision to partner with XSPlatforms Building Maintenance Products is due to the innovation and reliability of their products which, at the same time, offer our customers in Australia excellent value for money in reduced maintenance time and costs.

XSPlatforms Building Maintenance Products

XSPlatforms Products - Roof cars gondolas rail tracks monorails gantries

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