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About Scotia Access Systems

Scotia Access Systems Australia provide fast, safe and temporary access for vertical transportation of people and materials across a wide range of industrial, construction and renovation projects. We have been specialists in this field for more than 15 years. We provide the world’s best systems, including Europe’s XSPlatforms (, as well as maintenance, training and full support for any project requiring efficient, effective vertical access for both workers and materials.

We specialise in Mast-Climbing Access systems but can also assist with swing stages or conventional scaffolding, and if a special application is required Scotia Access Systems Australia are experts in the design and manufacture of custom-made solutions. 

We offer a complete range of services; pre-sales, sales, rental, assembly and dismantling, transport, maintenance and technical support. Whatever information or help or advice you need, we will provide it quickly, accurately and completely.

We offer the highest standards of service and attention at all times and take pride in being able to solve even the most complex access problems across the widest possible range of applications and structures.

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